Dev Log #3: Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter Update

Sorry for the radio silence! I have been SWAMPED with work lately.  

My Alien Roommate has hit over 100 5-star reviews on! Thank you all so much to everyone who played, rated and/or left a review/comment! I read each and every one of them and I'm grateful for all the support! <3

I wanted to launch the Kickstarter in October or November, but I want to get the Extended Demo out on both and Steam before I do, which could delay the Kickstarter even more. And December doesn't seem like a good month to launch it. 

I also want to look into physical rewards, which is confusing for me, especially since I'm doing all this on my own. So it'll take some time for me to finalize that too.

My next option is to launch the Kickstarter in February, and use the time until then to finalize the Extended Demo and finish some more QOL updates. I'll be consistently working on the other chapters even during the wait, so progress won't slow down much, hopefully.

It'll be a busy few months ahead, but I appreciate all the support you've shown me thus far. Thank you!

And if you're still thirsty for My Alien Roommate content, as always, you'll find updates most often on my YouTube and Twitter

Here are a couple of scenes you'll find in the Extended Demo!

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youre so talented thank you for the hard work!!

Thank you for the nice comment!!


nice to know the game is still being worked on!




I'm looking forward to the next update!


The next update will be sometime next Feb! :)


So glad to hear the project is still going! Any pace you need is good as long as it's still happening. The demo was so much friggin' fun! It's been living rent-free in my head for months now lol.

Glad to hear the demo was both fun and memorable for you :)p I appreciate the support!!


Take your time. I can't wait when the Kickstarter is ready and the extended demo!!

Thank you! :D


You're doing awesome and have put  lot of work into thinking about the best way to release this game. I can't wait for the Kickstarter whenever you decide to release it! Like others are also saying though take a break and look after yourself, we'll all be waiting ❤



Thank you!!


so exciting!! I can’t wait, I absolutely loved the demo and haven’t been able to stop thinking about this game since 💕💕 don’t forget to take breaks!! 


Thank you!! Hearing that people love it gives me motivation to keep going! :3


Ahhhh!! As someone who has never dealt with a Kickstarter, I think you're doing amazing 😁💛 can't wait for the extended demo!! 


Thank you so much! It's daunting, but I'm trying! <3