Dev Log #1: Fixes, Playthroughs and Ko-Fi

Time for my first ever Developer's Log! 

  1. Downloads and Donations
  2. Updating the demo and fixing bugs
  3. Streams and playthroughs of the demo on Twitch/YouTube
  4. Walkthrough
  5. Ko-Fi
  6. Other demos from fellow indie devs

Downloads and Donations

It's been a little over a week since the demo released and we've hit over 1000 downloads so far, which is amazing! Thank you all so, so much!

I want to thank all the kind people who donated money or left a review/rating for the demo! It's greatly appreciated!! :)

Updated demo

I've updated the demo with the following changes:

  • Fixed a mistake where Riley knows Enoch's name before Enoch introduces himself
  • Fixed a mistake where Lucas thinks Riley lied about being old friends with Enoch when Riley doesn't pick that option on Day 1

Sometimes, these things squeak past playtesting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you ever encounter any similar mistakes, let me know!

  • Changed the color of names and menu options to be easier to read against gray background
  • Shortened or removed some cumbersome dialogue

I also updated the page's description to reflect a longer playtime to account for streamers or Let's Players doing voice acting!

  • Last but not least, improved the pun about Ms. Fortune on Day 3 (yes, this is a very important change)

Playthroughs on Twitch and YouTube

On Twitch, OhGwendolyn, ReaperBabe7 and BlerdyOtomeGames streamed the demo on their channels!




ReaperBabe7 will also be streaming the rest of the demo later this week at 8pm JST, Friday. I'll be watching along in chat, so feel free to tune in too!

On YouTube, GirlGotGame and Z9GN also posted playthroughs on their channel!




I've included a walkthrough for the demo here and on the main page! 

Note that there will be spoilers for all choices and RP outcomes, including choices that may have been locked behind other choices, meaning you might not have encountered some of them in your first playthrough. 

The walkthrough also shows how to achieve certain outcomes (e.g how to create the perfect fake backstory to fool Lucas/Kat or how to beat Felix in dodgeball).

Starting a Ko-Fi

I've officially created a Ko-Fi!

I can't offer up any rewards at the moment, which is why I opted for Ko-Fi over Patreon. But it will be one way to support me if people want to, and every single dollar I get through Ko-Fi will go towards funding the rest of the game!

Other demos

My visual novel backlog is enormous at the moment, but I wanted to spotlight a few demos from indie devs who have been supportive to me so far.

  • Her Choice by TotES Studio P.. It's an otome VN with three male love interests about an amateur scriptwriter who, through some twist of fate, ends up invited to the set of the hit show A Tale of the Eagle Sword. It starts out really charming with cute and attractive characters! (I love Hano's design, although yes, Kanzen best boi) But there's also hints of something more sinister going on behind-the-scenes...
  • High School Daze: Junior Year by Hummingbird Games. It's a BxG/GxG VN with five love interests (2 boys, 3 girls) and one friendship route. I really like the chill slice-of-life mood going on here! I'm not too deep in but I'm really curious to find out more about potential best girl and love interest Lydia (I love mean girl characters who are well-written, and she def gives me that vibe!)
  • Our Wonderland by Carrot Patch Games. It's a horror-fantasy VN (emphasis on horror: see content warnings) that reminds me of a darker version of Alice in Wonderland. The demo features two out of five planned story arcs, cutesy art and lots of CGs, well-developed characters and best of all, plenty of ways to die horribly!

That's all for today's devlog. I'll see you in a future update!

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Currently crying in the club rn 😭💛 thanks for the shoutout! (also THANK YOU for the walkthrough, you have saved my life twice over???)

No problem, for both of those haha :)


Thanks for the update and the walkthrough!

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You're welcome!


Thanks for the shoutout ❤
And congratulations on the demo release, you're off to an amazing start! Your game is wonderful, and you deserve all of it! (≧◡≦)


Aww, thanks! Your demo is great and has a lot of promise too! :D


*chokes and sobs* You're so sweet!! <333

:) <3