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So far so good I really love the demo <3 cant wait for the full game i loved enoch.

Thanks! <3

Can't wait for the extended demo and full game! I will for sure be supporting the Kickstarter :)

Thank you so much! :D

When it will there a full game? I'm really laughing nonstop because of Enoch hahah

There'll be a Kickstarter sometime in February to help me make the full game! If you want to make the full game real, please support the Kickstarter or spread the word when it comes out!


So excited for the extended demo of this! It was so fun I need more of these characters

Thanks! <3

Amazing! I don't have much to say that others already didn't say, I just need the full game like yesterday. :,)

Don't we all? ;) 



I love this so much!! The writing is great and all the characters are so enjoyable and loveable. Can't wait for the full release! 

Thank you! I'm glad you're looking forward to it! :D

Happy new years everyone!!Cant wait for the game to be finished!<3


Happy new year!

Interesting username, lol



Your game is so cool and it's just a DEMO

oh my i really really need to see how this game ends

¿will the actual game be f2p? if not ¿how much will it cost?

i really enjoyed it, one of the best visual novels i've read fr

 and i pretty much liked the art 

Your game is so good i loved it, hope you can finished it soon 

(sorry for bad eng lmao)

PD: I love lucas

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

The full game will probably be around $15; there's a Kickstarter launch in February so I hope you'll support it then!


Danke sehr :3


okay i get the walkthrough but now i'm crying!!!!! How dare the game not be finished I was having so much fun and DEMO seriously ?!?!?!? Waaaaahhhhhh


Haha there's an Extended Demo coming out in February alongside the Kickstarter! Look forward to it and I hope you'll support the Kickstarter so I can make the full game!

Thank You!!! I love it so much!!!

I think I am dumb because I don't really understand the walkthrough :/


Got tired and wanted to save the rest for tomorrow, saved and quit, launched the game today, had literally  5 textboxes left lol

This game is really sweet and good, can't wait for the full thing <3


Oop haha

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :3


I FINALLY FOUND THIS AGAIN i was so scared you deleted it or something, this game is amazing, i loove the art, me and my friend played it earlier this year and it was so fun! Lucas is a smol bean and must be protected, Enoch is crazy?? Aand Felix. Hes werid in a good and bad way, itll be fun to play with his heart>:)


I would never delete it! :D I'm glad you and your friend had fun with the game!! 

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Lucas is such a cutie <3!! waiting for full release!!!!

Haha I'm glad you think so! :) Thank you!!

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AMAZING. *chef's kiss* One of the best visual novels I've ever played. I love Enoch's cheery personality!! The writing is good also. Can't wait for more!

Thank you so much!! :D I'm happy it made such a positive impact on you!


10/10 Best game ever would give all my money to play it 👍


Aww thank you!! :3


I’ve never fallen more in love with an otome than I have with this one 😍 it’s so enjoyable I can’t wait for the kickstarter to start!!

Aw, thank you! <33 Happy for the support!


I cannot for the life of me relate to the MC in any way, shape, or form. But other than that disconnect, the game's story was made really well! I feel like it would really shine its best as a webcomic.

Fair enough, Riley is opinionated :P 

Glad you still liked the story! I wish I had the artistic talents to make a webcomic lol

I've read that independent comic artists reuse assets a lot in order to speed up the process. Like how they'd make a brush of a character's whole head of hair and just stamp it on and warp it a little to fit the angle they're going for! :D
Or how for backgrounds they'll just find a photo of a place that fits their needs and filters it to make it LOOK like it was drawn. Then just personally draw in any important BG detail themselves.
They use all sorts of little hacks like that. It's super cool! B)

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Sorry for my bad huma... I ment... English language, my mother tongue is Russian, actually.

So, I rate this game on five stars for six reasons:

1) Despite naivety and childishness, all vibe of this game is really... Cosinessly.

2) I think I became a xenophile. (Actually, I already was because of Kaworu, but now I have a crush on Zexalialing and it makes me a little bit confused).

3) I am not joking, I have a crush on Enoch (pls I need help).

4) I like minigames you used: quizz(I am a biologist, the questions were interesting), dodgeball, but most moment I like is a interrogation by friends and previous conversation with Enoch.

5) I have the feeling of a nascent romantic relationship. It makes me cry. That's why people play VN, am I right? In any case, some anthropomorphic alien will not crash at my balcony... But I want to believe.

6) Enoch.

Summarising: Thanks for this beautiful game and alien fetish.

I want more.

I need more.

Enoch is not enough.


Summarising: Thank you! And... you're welcome? xD

I'm happy you like the game and Enoch! :D He is adorable, isn't he?


Well. I need the full game, like, yesterday. Please and thank you.

Also. Enoch is freakin' adorable and Felix WHAT IS YOUR DEAL.


hehe Felix is a grumpy boi >:)


Absolutely loved it!!!! That cliffhanger i need moreee

Enoch must be protected at all cost cuz he is absolutely adorable 😍 ❤️ 

I specially loved that you can choose pronouns  which gives a nice feel for those that play BL (like me) we need more wholesomeness like this.

Can't wait for the kickstarter to back this game that is a jewel 🥰🥰

Thank you so much! <3

I'm glad you like the game and that you're excited for the Kickstarter!! :D And yes, Enoch is adorable :3


I streamed playing this game on Twitch (or... on Witch lol) and I absolutely love this game so far!! Will be uploading videos of my gameplay soon! ^^ It easily became one of my favorite visual novels. Cute, hilarious, wholesome, and amazing I could cry. Not only that, it includes mystery, featuring someone who is quite... suspect. (uh why's the genre "Thriller" there???) Despite being a demo, it was longer than I expected (cannot complain) and it introduces the main cast really well! You get to know the personalities of the love interests, as well as the side characters, and their dynamic with the MC. MC themselves is such an amazing character! I love their heated disputes with Felix, inability to resist Enoch's wholesomeness and their close friendships with Lucas and Kat.

The three main love interests are all amazing and unique from one another! I'm definitely playing all three routes once the full game releases. But my favorite so far (and the one that actually motivated me to play the game) is Lucas. I have a really soft spot for childhood friends and ughhh;;;;; He's just so adorable and also relatable lol. The more I learn about him, the more I love him;;;; I'm excited to see more of Lucas and the rest of the cast!

The art is phenomenal and the atmosphere of the game is so cozy and comforting (it's especially cozy at... Cozy Crepes). I had fun reading the dialogue and seeing memes and references that the characters mention... and then seeing poor Enoch not understanding slang :( Anyway, I'm looking forward to future updates! I'll definitely be following the development of this game and supporting it as much as I can!

Thank you for making this game and I appreciate all the hard work you do!! Much love and best of luck <33


Thank you for streaming the game and the super nice comments! :D As you know, I had a blast watching you play it and I love how much you love Lucas ;)


saw this game on twitter and i'm glad i downloaded to try it out! i laughed a lot because enoch was really cute being clueless with the puns, metaphors etc. this could easily be one of the top demos i've played this year and i'm excited for the full version to come out :)

and ALL the LIs are so loveable!! despite being a demo, it had the right amount of comedy, fluff and definitely the sci-fi mystery i was drawn into. really can't wait, will be following your twitter for updates <33


Thank you for the kind words and the follow! I'm happy you like the game and the LIs! :D

I can't play it. Is it possible for you to port it to android? If you could, I have an older device, so can you make it compatible with arm7 devices?

Sorry if I'm asking for a lot. I want to be able to play and enjoy this game.

No worries, sorry to hear you're having issues! I'll look into it but I'm still relatively new to game dev and bogged down with other tasks too so it might take a while. 

I'm just glad that you are willing to try. I'm looking forward to playing it in the future.


The demo is amazing so far, I can't wait for future updates and the finished product of the game. But is it just me or do I just really love Felix so far, really.

Good luck with the rest of the game.


It's not just you, I'm happy Felix has fans too :') 

Thank you!


Oh my gosh!! Everything about this game is so completely AMAZING! I'm so looking forward to supporting you and the game! It's absolutely one of my top faves 💛💛 thank you for all of your hard work & your time to share this with us. Can't wait to see what you have in store for your next update/announcement! 

P.S: I especially love how choices matter! and how natural the convos are. I can't even choose a fave character bc there is so much to love about everyone. Also, the dodgeball scene?? A+ content. Much love to u! 


Thank you!! I'm happy you enjoyed it so much! :D I appreciate the support!


Aaaaa this game is so cute and cool! The characters are so wonderful and unique to one another, even the side characters! Admittedly I haven't gone a bit too far in the story but I couldn't help but be excited that I had to comment lmao! Good luck with the rest of development and I'm so glad to be able to play this!!


Ahhhh thank you so much! I'm glad you like it so far! :')


I can't wait to play the full version already, Enoch is such a cinnamon roll 😭


He is :')


Enoch is so innocent and if anyone will dare to destroy his innocence im gonna kill them we must protect the cinnamon roll

nvm he is not that innocent if you ask about ........ .


Protecc the cinnamon roll!!

I love this game so much that I want to translate it into Chinese when the full version comes out! 

I would also make some game videos 

In this way more people will know about you and your game

Oh wow, thank you! :D

im looking everyday at this game because i want to know when theres an update

Look out for more news sometime around September! :) You can also follow me on Twitter if you want the occasional meme, or ask me anything about the game on Tumblr/


Awesome demo, it's longer than I expected, but that doesn't mean it's bad. More content is always welcomed. 

I just love the dynamic between Riley (MC) and Felix. They both like testing each others patience and makes fun of the other just like friends do. And with a little push from the player....maybe something a little more?

 hehehehehehe I can't wait for the extended demo 

A little more uWu?

i'm glad you liked it! :D


its so good! i love the references and felix being a punching bag! (def entertaining) everyone is such a likeable character! really really enjoyed this and had a good laugh! cant wait for the full version! 


Poor Felix :') I'm happy you enjoyed it! :D


This is so good! I loved it sm <33 Its sad that I didnt read its a demo, i hope full ver comes out soon because damn i need that lucas route 


I'm glad you liked it and are looking forward to more Lucas! :)


Of course, Lucas and style of game r the main reasons I decided to play ur game, but its really good and cool overall <333


i loved it



Played the demo, had to write a review- I really enjoyed playing it!

---potential spoilers below---

I like how a lot of the choices have long-term consequences like how that girl near the movie theaters talks to you. Nice touch, makes the experience a lot more immersive!

Not a lot of otome games do a good job of inserting humor, but you did that perfectly. The references are hilarious (facade cameo lol) and I found myself having fun the whole time.

Lucas is so cute omg (does he secretly have feelings for Riley or am I reading too much into things 👀) and I'm liking Felix's frenemy vibes lol. Enoch's character archetype is not usually one I go for in my first playthrough, but I was somehow charmed against my will?? The LI's are all so likable!

That cliffhanger though... Super intrigued as to what is going on. The fact that Enoch left his home planet because of an ongoing war and Mr. Gallagher is acting antagonistic towards him in a weirdly non-human way makes me wonder. I'm excited to find out what happens next!

Story, characters, art, and music are all *chef's kiss* 10/10

Finally someone gets the facade reference ;)

I'm happy you liked so many things about it! Thank you for the nice review!! :D

so i was just looking for a visiual novel when i saw this(i already played it) i saw it and i started playign this is the first visiual novel who made me want to wait for the full version and, good luck!

Haha, thanks!


I absolutely loved the demo! Can't wait for the extended demo, Kickstarter, and eventually full version! The humor and references are absolutely hilarious and I'm happy to know that I understood (almost) all references immediately (oh my god they were roommates + the brand names had to be my favorites). There's also a fair amount of mystery and intrigue (like the story behind Kat's drunk babysitter and the naked florist.../hj). I want to know what the deal is with Mr. Gallagher and it's fun creating theories about him!
I also love the mc, all the LIs, and Kat so far! It's so difficult to choose a favorite between them, but right now I'm leaning towards Felix because I love a good enemy to lovers story (and bullying him is fun). But Enoch is absolutely precious, even though I internally die inside whenever a joke flies over his head. Lucas has my heart as well, I just want to put him in my pocket tbh!
Lastly, the art is phenomenal! I love the backgrounds, sprites, cgs, etc. It's just so pretty and sets the mood so well. This game will definitely be worth whatever price you set it at, I'll be patiently waiting until then. Thank you for this wonderful game <3


Haha thank you for the nice review! I loved hearing your thoughts on the game 

I too love a good enemies to lovers story >:) and you jest, but for all you know, Kat's babysitter/florist story could be integral to the main storyline :O

I'm glad there were so many things you liked and that you're excited for the full thing! :D


I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I really enjoyed this and I'm waiting for the next version. I'm not gonna write much about the game because I'm not used to english, but I really loved it and omg the scene of Enoch about to kiss the protagonist <333

Thank you!! :D That scene was super funny to write hehe :3


It's cute as hell!
Usually i'm not too interested in these but I saw a video on youtube and the commentator's voice for our lovely alien friend was a bit too much for me to follow >_>  So i got the demo instead. Glad I did- It's a lot of fun. It's a bit hard for me to put myself in the MC's shoes just because they're much different from myself but that's okay! The art is *lovely* and the characters are charismatic. And I'm curious to learn more about Lucas and I also wanna know what the hell Felix's problem is too haha.
Good game, great art, great interaction, fun choices, cute moments. :) 

What is Felix's problem indeed? ;)

Thanks for trying out the demo in the end, I'm happy you liked it! 

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